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All art displayed on this site, is created by me, Anna. I'd be very happy and don't mind if you choose to use any of my art for personal use. Please do not claim them as your own, and please do not repost these, or edited pieces, anywhere online without my permission. Link back if you use anything (with permission!). Resource credits found here.

Buffy tVS

Spike & Drusilla Featuring: Spike & Drusilla

This is a sketch of a Spike and Drusilla photoshoot. You may look at him cos he's good but she's really bad. I don't know what's wrong but it's just not good. It looks like she's wearing a wig (but on the original pic it looked more like it) and I really don't know. But he turned out quite nice, nearly ^^.
Beneath You Featuring: Spike; Episode: 7:02

This is a sketch of Spike when he is hanging over the cross and "smoking" when he's out of his mind. I love the episode Beneath You, but I love the scene more. Like the pic, did it in my art-class, very proud 'cos a lot of people told me they loved it (which not happens often) ^^.
Lessons Featuring: Buffy & Spike; Episode: 7:01

This is a watercolour drwaing I've done, from a scene from the episode Lessons. Spike tells Buffy to duck and it's quite a sensitive moment (I'm to tired to say why) but then she doesn't understand and makes the oldest, worst joke that is, and think he means "a duck". It's so ridiculous but so funny (what sense of humor I've got!). Anyway, in this pic I only think her hair good, the rest is crap.
Something Blue Featuring: Buffy & Spike; Episode: 4:09

Hahahaha, this is a watercolour picture from the episode Something Blue. My favourite episode. It's when Buffy and Spike are engaged 'cos of a spell, when they actually hate each other so much. That's just so funny!! I actually love everything with this pic except her hand in the middle, cos the shadow makes it look huge. I didn't have any white so I had a little trouple with his hair, but I think it turned out acceptable ^^.