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All art displayed on this site, is created by me, Anna. I'd be very happy and don't mind if you choose to use any of my art for personal use. Please do not claim them as your own, and please do not repost these, or edited pieces, anywhere online without my permission. Link back if you use anything (with permission!). Resource credits found here.

Harry Potter

Founders Featuring: Founders of Hogwarts

Hm, I started drawing this pic more than 6 months ago or something. I liked it bore I made it darker. I like how Gryffindor and Rawenclaw turned out, but Slytherin and Hufflepuff are only horrible. I had so many problems with Slytherin. He was absolutley hardest, but Hufflespuff's face turned out extremely bad. It looks worse on the computer too...
Sirius, Remus & James Featuring: Sirius, Remus & James

Hm, well I kind of like this. But how weird isn't it that James turned out best ^^. That's just cruel. Anyway it was nearly better before inked. That's sad, but it is still a ok picture. And it took forever to find pictures with good positions for them! Not a lot of boys sit like this in photoshots ^^.
Marauders Featuring: Marauders

So... this was the first time I tried Signe's special brush/ink thingies. Anyway. I worked really hard on working out position, but the question is if it wasn't better before inked. Sad, sad, sad. But I still think the picture is a laugh!
Sirius Featuring: Akkarin & Sonea

OMG I can't believe I've made this. It's my best work ever. However I kept inking it for nearly 3 days or something, and at the time I hated it ^^. I found a position for him, but it was impossible to find good pictures of motorbikes! This is a merge of three or four different bikes, I think ^^. Still, I love it. Especially after I've put on the glasses, faint...
MWPP Featuring: Marauders

I just wanted to try and draw the marauders turned to animals. Didn't become so much. It's quite blah, but ok I guess.
MWPP Featuring: Marauders

Tihi, I think this pic is really funny. Well I was in a period of time when I painted from HP, and I saw this cute picture of a dog sleeping ^^. Haha, marauders sleeping!! HAHAHAHA
Black & Snape Featuring: Black & Snape

This is a quick sketch of Sirius and Severus, during their Hogwarts' time. Tss, it's a fun picture and I nearly like the positions, but it's really hard to draw people on brooms!! Very, very difficult!
Lupin Featuring: Lupin

I saw a position I wanted to try. It did turn out quite ok, but not really a I had thought or especially god. Anyway...
Sirius & Remus Featuring: Sirius & Remus

Hm, I've forgotten what I wanted to show with this pic. Anyway it's Sirius and Remus, mwpp era. It was better before I inked it, alot better. Bad, bad decision...urk.
Hippogriff Featuring: Hippogriff

Hm, this is one of three pics from my study of hippogriffs, after getting furious at the badly anatomized hippogriffs in the movies.
Hippogriff Featuring: Hippogriff

Hm, same as above. One of three pics from the study.
Hippogriff Featuring: Hippogriff

Hm, same as above. One of three pics from the study.