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All art displayed on this site, is created by me, Anna. I'd be very happy and don't mind if you choose to use any of my art for personal use. Please do not claim them as your own, and please do not repost these, or edited pieces, anywhere online without my permission. Link back if you use anything (with permission!). Resource credits found here.



Wolverine Featuring: Wolverine//X-men

*Smiles*, this is also one of my best work ever. I kind of love how it turned out, but I love the idea. Got the idea after buying and reading Wolverine Origin, the book. What more is it to say. I adore it!
Michael Featuring: Michael//Underworld

This is a picture I've done, of Michael in Underworld. I think it looks kind of good, but he looks like a little boy ^^. But I like it anyway, inspite of whatever anybody (...read Signe) says!


Centaur This is a centaur. I wanted to try it, I've made a couple of them before but have no idea where they ended up. Very well, I think it turned out ok. Then I do this sort of pictures I'm kind of good at focusing at the horse-part ^^.
Girl This is a picture of a woman with tatoos. Didn't draw with graphite at first (as with no charcoal-picture). I like dreadlocks, it's cool but quite unhygienic, I've heard ^^. And it's one of these lovely pictures my ex-cat sat on, and swooshed her tale over!
Dragon This is a picture of a dragon, in charcoal. Looks kind of swan-like with the neck but it didn't turn out as expected. Also one of the lovely pictures the ex-cat spent her night on!
Pegasus This is a pegasus. A horse with wings flying among the clouds. I love the wings but as you can se, I got a kind fit of rage on these stupid hindlegs and therefore I put a cloud in front of one of them!
Unicorn This is an unicorn, a goatish unicorn, which I love, and it glows. It was actually Signe's idea that it should glow but it worked out quite nicely. Love the legs and I'm one of this people who thinks unicorns are a bit goatish with it's tail, and hooves and beard ^^.
Angel This is an angel that ended up looking like she's flying backwards (which she isn't, she is just sweeping with her wings). It's made with ink, and I like it quite a lot, I like the wings.
Angel This is an angel in dreadlocks, made in ink. I like it 'cos it's a bit ironic, or not exactly ironic but unusual for an angel. And as you might have noticed, I like dreadlocks. And I like angels, even if I don't belive in them.
Sword This is a simple sword with a lot of ivy and some roses. It symbolizes peace. It's done during art-class (hence the colours ^^). But it's too simple for my taste, and weird...


Horse Oh, I like this. I really like the angle, but the picture I looked at was amazing.
Horse This is a picture of a horse's eyes and the area around. Love it, looks really good.
Horse This is a picture in the study of how a horse would look kicking backwards. I love it, but it looks too relaxed. I mean if it really would kick, it wouldn't be so relaxed...
Horse This is the second picture in the study of how a horse would look kicking backwards. I love it.
Horse This is too, a picture in the study of how a horse would look kicking backwards. L like this as well ^^.


Cat This was actually a prodject for school, I've made a quick sketch of my cat Little Miss Duchesse, sleeping.
Cat I made this to the same prodject. Little Miss Duchesse, sleeping.
Girl This is a picture of a girl holding in her skirt looking all innocent. Inspired by Signe's old layout, she had during a summer... I looked at the same photoshoot
Tiger This is a tiger laying under a tree. It's made in white and black charcoal, and I love it. Also done in my art-class (but a long time ago ^^).
Apple This is a simple pic of an apple in colored pencils. One of my first pictures I drew during art-class.
Reindeers This is a lot of reindeers in snow. Very "Swedish" picture. Made in school a long time ago.
Hummingbird This is a hummingbird and a flower I've done in my Art's class, in acryl. I did it in less than an hour 'cos I was in a real hurry to do something to our exhibition but then didn't I get done in time anyway ^^.
Hands This is a charcoal picture of two holding hands. It's a bit weird. And this too is one og the pics my ex-cat had the pleasue to sit one and swoosh away a lot of the charcoal.
Dog This is a picture of a dog I made in my art-class, it's a terribly easy and simple pic, but I love it anyway (probably because of the big eyes it has got ^^). Very, very old this too.