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All art displayed on this site, is created by me, Anna. I'd be very happy and don't mind if you choose to use any of my art for personal use. Please do not claim them as your own, and please do not repost these, or edited pieces, anywhere online without my permission. Link back if you use anything (with permission!). Resource credits found here.


Edward, Emmet & Jasper Featuring: Edward, Emmet & Jasper

Hm,hum hum... This is a sketch of Jasper, Edward & Emmet. How weird isn't that when I actually try to draw Jasper's hair it turn out terrible... And Emmet, urk why, oh why didn't he have a bit longer hair. That's why a gave him a bandana. This was a first for me drawing a bandana. It didn't work out well... Neither did Edward's face, which I am very very sad about =(.
Bella & Edward Featuring: Edward & Bella

This is a sketch of a Bella and Edward. Since I started reading the series the casting, I had decided not to draw any pictures of them. But then Signe persuaded me, and I did it anyway ^^. It was extremely hard to do Edward since he is supposed to be so awesome looking! I'm not really happy over how it turned out. The positions are weird, and I think she became too beautiful, but he quite good. His hair on the other hand, urk! I don't know, but I think it's more like Jasper might look.
Edward & Bella Featuring: Edward & Bella

Ok, I had to draw the Volvo. I love the Volvo. I love Volvos. I love cars, and I love the quote. But on the other hand I don't like how the picture became. It looked a lot better before I inked it. Blah!