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All art displayed on this site, is created by me, Anna. I'd be very happy and don't mind if you choose to use any of my art for personal use. Please do not claim them as your own, and please do not repost these, or edited pieces, anywhere online without my permission. Link back if you use anything (with permission!). Resource credits found here.

Wheel of Time

Lews Therrin & Lanfear Featuring: Lews Therrin & Lanfear

Lews Therrin and Lanfear, omg they are ao fun! I love them! This picture of them turned out quite ok, but sadly enough it looks a lot better in real life. On the computer you can't really see the background. They are standing in the ways, during the times of legends. That's their time. I love the clothes too, and their faces are quite nice. But I love him, when he wears glasses ^^!
Trying to Control Featuring: Lews Therrin & Moiraine

This is Lews Therin and Moiraine. In the beginning I thought it would be Lews Therrin and Lanfear but then decided it's not ^^. Anyway, it's a symbolic pic since they try to steer and control Rand. It's like they are pulling his strings in different dirrections. I thought it was a fun idea, and I kind of like how it turned out. Both their positions and their faces are a bit weird. But I'm very proud over his glasses. I have decided; he wears glasses (I have no idea how it is in the book :S).
Moiraine Featuring: Moiraine

This is Moiraine Sedai, holding a lightening between her hands. I actually got inspired to the clothes from a Disney movie but I love the way it turned out. She looks good and short(!) but powerfull ^^.
The Forsaken Featuring: The Forsaken

The Forsaken... the lovely original forsaken. It took forever to do this. First I did the clothes and positions, and then the faces but it took more than a month or something, maybe two. I like how everything is ironic, the clothes and their hair. Everyone wears clothes I can't think them have or something else funny. Take as example Greandal, look she has no neckline, it's a big flower in front of it. She would never wear that! HAHAHA! And Lanfear wears striped and checked in black!! HAHAHAHAHA
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is kind of strange picture with Rand, the Dragon reborn in the middle. It's Rand sitting infront of the Aes'sedai symbol with Callandor laying beside. There is a dragon wriggling behind and the dragon banner is flying down in the corner. The wheel is also in a corner and a chora tree leaf like the trefoil leaf of Avendesora. It's a very symbolic picture but I like it ^^.
Perrin & Faile Featuring: Perrin & Faile

This is supposed to be Perrin and Faile (done during my Disney-inspired period). I kind of love his smile but I like the whole pic. She's got kind of weird lips, I just happened to get a huge inkspot right on them!! But I still like it.
Mat Featuring: Mat

This is Mat looking all "matish" and happy with his spear. It's from above, and I used a structure (position) from a book. It's my favourite art-book, it's amazing and has teached me a lot (Signe is in love it too, and it nearly falls apart nowadays ^^).
Rand & Elayne Featuring: Rand & Elayne

This is supposed to be Rand and Elayne. Also done during the Disney-period (ok I admit it, I love Disney!). For his position I used a pic of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast. That's why his shoulders are that broad, even though I nearly cut off half the original shoulders ^^.
Rand & his Ladies Featuring: Rand, Aviendha, Elayne & Min

This is Rand and his ladies, (wow, what someone would be kicked if one called them that ^^). It's from left to right; Aviendha, Elayane, Rand and Min. I love this picture, it's one of my best I think. I love them all except maybe Min, she looks a little weird in the face. I also love the sofa they're sitting on ^^.
Elayne Featuring: Elayne

This is a scene from the books, or nearly. It's Elayne laying in the tree before her first meeting with Rand when he falls of the wall. I love the picture, how it tured out and I love the moment in the book as well. It's hilarious!
Mat Featuring: Mat

So... this is Mat looking like he's going to break his spear over his leg. But I like the picture, with his hat. I love to make new hats everytime I draw him, it's his charm. This is inspired from a pirate hat, and really wouldn't stay on if it was real ^^. Hats are fun to draw!
Perrin & Faile Featuring: Perrin & Faile

Perrin and Faile again, this time quite different. I like Faile a lot, her face is quite perfect. But I hate how Perrin turned out! I hate the face and the body, and it looks like he's wearing chrismas-socks! Seriously! But their positions are funny and ironic ^^.
The Most Powerful Featuring: Rand & Egwene

The two most powerful people in the world, Egwene and Rand. As the Amyrlin and Dragon Reborn. It's kind of ironic 'cos they're not the most powerful as in channeling (sadiar and saidin), but as in hold the most power in the world and can affect the world. The most powerful as politicians ^^!
Egwene Featuring: Egwene

Egwene as the Amyrlin. I wanted her to have a hat, and it took forever to find inspiration but I did at least did a draw some kind of hat. It's pretty big so then she was probably dressed by Chesa ^^!
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is Rand trianing with a sword. I guess it's the sword in the beginning, with the herons on the sides. I love the picture, it was my first own wot-picture I made! But he has very long hair, very very... But I like boys with long hair (ok, maybe not that long but anyway).
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is a variant of the pic above, changes made in photoshop. Hm, don't know what I really think about it...
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is supposed to be Rand fighting, both with a sword and saidin... I like the pose, but that's just about it. It's been folded a couple of times too, I think ^^.
Rand & Asmodean Featuring: Rand & Asmodean

So this is my picture of Rand and Asmodean. Think Rand with the memory of Lews Therin and Asmodean who understands the bollocks he says, and gets a little bit confused ^^. Think also jokes!! Their personal jokes, when Asmodean's actually evil. That's so ironic! I love it! I'm a bit ironic... hm kind of nearly all my pictures are ironic or sarcastic. Anyway I kinda like them both, even if different ways, 'cos they're really different in the way they are.
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is a scene from the first book in the series, from The Eye of the World. It's when Rand's under the influence from the consequences from channeling saidin in the beginning. He gets all reckless and is sitting at the top of the mast without hold onto something. It's a very funny scene and I did a hell of a lot reseach about how masts looked like. It took an eternity, but it turned out quite well.
Rand Featuring: Rand

Hm... this is Rand and Callandor. A very angry Rand, or hm weird. Don't like it. It's... bad and strange!
Rand Featuring: Rand

Also a scene from the books. This is Rand after the mirrors had gone all wonky and tried to kill him. It was quite difficult to sketch the legs and he'is supposed to be all hurt and sore. I kinda don't like it.
Rand & Logain Featuring: Rand & Logain

This is Logain and Rand sometime in the later books, when Logain sometimes believes Rand is crazy. But blah... I don't like it. Rand is maybe ok, but Logain, urk.
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is Rand laying typically not as a regular ruler on the Dragonthrone. He's looking relaxed and like he has nothing to do, simple "non-Randish". Loved the picture before I made it darker, now it doesn't look as good as before but it's still funny 'cos it's all ironic, lol ^^.
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is a variant of the other pic. Had to try invert didn't I? Even though it really didn't work out...
Rand Featuring: Rand

Rand sitting in a lovely chair and brooding. I love the position, but hate the picture. The face looks terrible. The position is taken from a picture of Nicole Kidman ^^.
Asmodean Featuring: Asmodean

This is Asmodean getting so very tired of Rand trying to learn to use the source. He thinks it'smore tough to try and teach Rand. But I don't like the way the picture turned out, it got weird sometime on the way...
Rand Featuring: Rand

This is a metaphorical picture of Rand playing Daes Dae'Mar, the Great Game. It's methaphorical in the way that Rand didn't know how to play, so he breaks all rules but plays it great anyway and then he learns how to play and keep playing it great and break all rules. It's just so funny ^^. But I don't really like the way the picture turned out 'cos I don't like the face. It's horrible!
Trolloc Featuring: Trolloc

Hm, this is a really fast sketch of a trolloc. Looks like he's going to fall on his back any minute and the weapons are kind of strange. But it is a trolloc, it is to be expected ^^.
Trolloc Featuring: Trolloc

This is a charcoal picture of trolloc I did very quickly. The only thing about it, is that it looks cute! Probably 'cos of the eye... bollocks ^^. Another pic my ex-cat walked over. On this pic you cat actually see the tracks of my cat's paws!
Aiel Featuring: Aiel

This is a charcoal picture of an aiel I have done. I kind of love the way it turned out, I'm proud since I didn't paint with graphic before the charcoal. This too is one of the pictures my ex-cat swooshed of most of the charcoal.