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I do not take any claim on these shows or movies. I am not in any way affiliated with the actors featured in my graphics. I do not make money out of this site or the art featured. They were made for fun and I mean offence to nobody!

Brushes, textures etc. displayed on this site, are done by me. Resources featured in my grapics, are made by me or used with permission from other sites. I have a collection of credits here. If you think I've missed to credit someone please mail me.

All of the art and goodies on this site, are made by me, and credit should be given. Please ask permission before reposting. A link back is required if you use anything.

Layout credits found here.


Welcome to my corner of the web, this little site, Aldieb. I'm Anna, a.k.a. Aldieb, and this is where I display my fan-art/art. I use Adobe Photoshop CS3 to work with, but a bit of my old pieces are made in a different Photoshop. I'm sorry I don't have the time to update that often. I go to school, and it's taking up a lot of time.

All of this could happen only because Signe is awesome, and my soulmate. She is hosting me here! She is (ehm sometimes) an angel!

I use and have coded this site using Internet Explorer, and I'm not aware of how it might work in other browsers. In that case I'm very sorry for the inconvenience and please contact me if you might know what's wrong.

If you want me anything please send me a mail. All art and goodies are made by me, and credit should be given to me. Ask permission before reposting and link back if you use anything. Layout credits found here.


OMG I am not a zombie come back to life, I promise

Updated: 2010-12-28

I am so extremely sorry I haven't updated in more than an eternity! I have had such a lot to do. I have finished my last year of high school or what you should call it here in Sweden. That was a lot of pressure and took up a lot of time, studying and trying to make it. Then this summer I got accepted at the veterinairy program, the only one in Sweden. It was such a surprise and something I had dreamed about my whole life, and which was why I had tried so hard to get the grades and such needed. But omg it's a lot of studying. I am burried in books and lectures. And I have found no time to make any art nor finish the update I started this summer. And that's my poor excuse for not updating at all (*blushing).

Anyway, now I'm here. And as I just wanted to get it all up now when I found the time during the christmas, I haven't updated the eh few new things done this semester (one wall or something like it) and not a lot of links, like I really should have. But this is what I have managed to scrape together in a year and a half, and you will have to bear with me and my busy life. Sorry!

Apparently fanupdate wont work at all for me so this is updated manually, I'll have to find another script or something... Sigh!

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