about me

Hi. This is (obviously) about me. I'm one kind of a strange person, and this is if you want to know more about me. I'm 19 years old, and studying in the first year o the veterinairy program in Uppsala, Sweden. Although originally I'm from Stockholm, where I lived for my whole life until I was 19, and it's only less than an hour away, ansd therefore I still count myself as if I live in Stockholm ^^. Well I'm not going to bore you with a lot on information about me that noone wants to hear about (check out short info). You might want to know something about Sweden although. Sweden is a cold country with lots of ice (in the winter, we do have summer up here too) up in the north of west-Europe. We do not have polarbears in Sweden. We speak the very odd language Swedish, which is NOT pronounced like Anya and Olaf speak in Selfless. I can (blushing) actually confess that I even didn't recognize my own language the first time I saw the episode(!), I didn't realise it was Swedish until the second time I saw it. Even now I can't, when I probably have seen it more than ten times, hear more than half of the words (and I am very good at guessing xD). If you want to know more about us up here in Scndinavia, check out this awesome colection of comics, Scandinavia and the World. As you might have figured out, with what I'm studying and all, I am very fond of animals. I love horses and rides regulary, helping out with a horse. And I have one cat, which is truly andonly mine, and two of her kittens, although not kittens anymore. And my studying... I begun 2010 to study to become a veterinairian, in the only program for this in Sweden, at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. This is what's eating my time. When I'm not studying, I'm feeling anguished I'm not and doesn't accomplish anything. But I'll try to keep the site open nevertheless. To make this site, and these graphics, I'm use Adobe Photoshop CS3. Hope you'll like it, and email me if you're wondering about anything.