Site of the Month
January 09 - Mongrel Minds
May 08 - Black Lagoon
April/May 08 - Call Her Green

Artist of the Month
AOTM July 08 - Primordial Souls

Buffy Forums

Challenge 25: Blame it on Shakespeare

5th place - 200 Lightyear of Darkness

Challenge 20: Believe it is All True

1st Artistic/Honourable Mention - Less Like Me/You're the Storm

Challenge 16: Reversing the Polarity of the Neutron Flow

9th place - Mirrored Perspective

Challenge 02: Muffy the Lacrosstitute

2nd place - I Am Death...

Challenge 99: My, How You've Changed

4th place - Talk

Challenge 98: Choisest of Relics

1st place - Justify My Claim

Challenge 95: Wax On, Wax Off

3rd place - Take a Bow

Challenge 93: NINETY THREE Bottles

Sparkling - Still Counting

Challenge 91: How's the Weather

Best Weather lues - Life Within Me

Challenge 89: I See You In Me

2nd Place - It Takes a Fool

Challenge 85: Black and White

Textering Award - Alone & Fear No Darkness

Challenge 84: Viva La Vida

1st place - Viva La Vida & Lightbrigade

Challenge 83: My Kingdom For Some Shoes

9th place - Lost & Remembering

Challenge 82: Little Red Riding Hood

1st place - My Heart

Challenge 76: Eclipse

Honourable Mention - Special Freaks

Challenge 74: Fool For Love

5th Place - Hope & Love Will Come Through & Somewhere Else

Challenge 71: AH! Go Crazy!

5th Place - Human Behaviour

Challenge 70: Betrayal/Forgiveness

4th Place - Lion/Lamb

Challenge 69: The Lion and the Lamb

1st Place - Run

Challenge 67: Don't Quote Me on That

Excellent use of quote - Oh Beauty So Ancient

Challenge 66: The Extraordinaire Lady Luck N3 Jukebox Slot Machine!!

9th Place/15th place - Real Life/Communication

Challenge 65: Never & Always

1st place Twilight - Disease

Challenge 64: O Muses, O High Genious, Aid Me Now!

Effects - Zombie

Challenge 58: Stupid Shiny Volvo Owner

10th place - Nothing Else Matters & Exit Light, Enter Night

Challenge 52: A Life of Meaning

Honourable Mention - Travel Man

Challenge 51: My Emotions Give Me Power

Honourable Mention - Shut Your Eyes

AFA 09

Best Artist

13th place

Best Wallpaper

17th place - Death

Best Supernatural Character Centric Wallpaper

1st place - Death

Best Supernatural Pairing/Group Wallpaper

3rd place - Still Counting

Best Use of Text

8th place - Talk

Best Use of Lighting

Runner Up - Human Spirit

Best Use of Color

Runner Up - It Takes a Fool to Remin Sane

Best Use of Composition

Runner Up - Don't Tread on Me

Best Use of Stocks

Runner Up - Blackout

Best Supernatural/Fantasy Wallpaper

Runner Up - Blackout

Best Sci-Fi Series Wallpaper

Runner Up - Do Yu Ever Wonder?

Best Male Celebrity Wallpaper

Runner Up - Losing Touch

Best Movie/Book Wallpaper

Runner Up - Viva la Vida

Best Dramatic Wallpaper

Runner Up - Human

Award Design

AFA 08

Best Love Scene Wallpaper

2nd place - Shut Your Eyes

Best Supernatural Pairing/Group Wallpaper

4rd place - 505

Best Use of Stocks

4rd place - Made in Heaven

Best Supernatural Character Centric Wallpaper

Runner Up - Travel Man

Best Film Wallpaper

Runner Up - Especially In Michigan

Award Design