what has the name to do with it?

(A long and winding essay about the name.)

From the beginning; I love horses (if you hadn't noticed). Therfore I thought 'Hm I might want something that has to do with horses' (think "naive, childrens-book voice"). But I didn't want something predictable, because...eh boring?! I also love the series of books "Wheel of Time", and then I came up with Aldieb. I had much problems deciding the name and in the end when I had decided (like a million times before) Signe took and named the site Aldieb (I'm hosted by her, my adorable pal)

Back to the subject; Aldieb is a horse in the series, a white, elegant mare and her owner is one of my favourite characters, Moiraine. She's short (like me ^^), but has power and easily controls others. The horse's not too big either. Aldieb means 'West Wind' in "the Old Tongue" (an old, nearly forgotten language in the series). So there you've got the long, boring story behind the name!