All textures/brushes were created by me Anna. I'd be very happy and don't mind if you choose to use them, but credit and a link back is required. Please do not claim them as your own, and please do not repost these, or edited pieces, anywhere online without my permission. Brushes are made in Adobe Photoshop CS2, and I don't know where they work. Sorry.

Wallpaper Tutorial

This is a wallpaper tutorial for this wallpaper, featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, from Twilight. Lyric is All That I Have by Snow Patrol. No one had actually requested the tutorial, but it was someone who thought I should make one. But this is my first tutorial, don't expect miracles.

I mostly (or actually always) work with wallpapares in the size 1024x768, but rarely with a white background even if I start that way (although in this wall I actually never removed it ^^). I open the pics and drag them onto the canvas. And since they tend to be in the wrong size, I resize them. I also mask by opening a new vector-mask and with a 300px rund, soft brush erase a bit from the pic of Stewart. Now I begin like this

Then I start with the picture of Pattinson. I love the effect reduce noise, and it's really good to enhance picture quality. Nowadays I always use it. You go filter>noise>reduce noise, and on this pic I use the settings below:

The picture of him is a bit darker than the other. I therefore duplicate (ctrl+J) the layer twice, and put one on screen and the other one, above, on soft light. Both with the opacity 50%. Afterwards I stamp visible (ctrl+shift+alt+E), and desaturate it (ctrl+shift+U) and put opacity on 75%, and I'm done with him. Watch how he looks here

Now the Stewart pic. It has a bit better quality and then as I reduce noise, I have different settings, the way I most often have them:

The picture also has less contrast than the other and I go image>adjustements>levels, to do something about that. Settings as below:

I also put the original picture underneath the black/white of Pattinson. On a new vector mask of the one above, I erase a bit more. I duplicate that layer too, desaturate it and put it on opacity 75%. After that I creates a new layer, and paints over parts of the white background with a bit soft brush. Then the basic is done, and this is what it looks like.

Now it's time for textures. This time I decided to use some of my own, which doesn't happen often. Firstly I open this one and drag onto the canvas this. On a new vector mask I remove most of it like this.

Then I set opacity on 15% and duplicate the layer, take back a bit of the masking like this and put it on 50%. This texure is next, and I put it on screen opacity 25%. This texture, also mine I put on lighten opacity 25% too.

Now onto a couple of textures that aren't mine. First I take this texture (one of my favourites) from Black Lagoon and with a vector mask removes over the faces and a bit more like this. Then I put it on soft light opacity 50%.

Then I take this texture from More Adventurous, desaturate it and put it on soft light. After that I take this texure from Salt'n Burn and put it on soft light opacity 75%. After Signe teached me once upon a time, I've become a texture whore, but this isn't too lot to handle ^^. After the textures the wall looks like this.

Stamp visible. Then I duplicates the layer and do reduce noise once more, with the same settings as the ones on Stewart. However I think their faces are a bit too sharp, and soften up by masking away the sharpest parts. Now it looks like this.

Time for borders. I'm a sucker for borders, and create a tiny border at the top, in black, putting it on soft light opacity 50%. Then I create a thick border-bottom, and put it on soft light too, but with opacity 75%. Look at borders here, and the result here.

However I think parts of the wall are too bright and decide to blacken out parts. With a big soft brush I paint first like this on a new layer, on soft light 100%, and then like this, also on a new layer, soft light, opacity 25%. With this as a result.

Then when we're starting with the text, you do as you want to. Experiment with soft light or overlay, together with a normal layer underneath, very low opacities. I use Arial and Edwardian script. With arial I usually use uppercase together with large letterspaces, and lowercase with minus and very short letterspacing. Mostly I use white and black with soft light or overlay, but I also use colours I take from the canvas. It's a lot better-looking to do that when you have the layers on normal. With texts it looks like this.

Then it's gradient maps time! Wohoo, I'm addicted to gradients. Usually I use a lot with low opicites (25-50%) but on this I actually use quite a few. I'm also in love with Black Lagoon's gradients. I use them all the time. First I use this gradient from the 17:th set from Black Lagoon.

Soft light and opacity 50% on all the gradients. Then I use this and this from the 16:th set.

Then this and this and this from the 15:th set ^^.

And the wallpaper is done! Click here to watch final result again.